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Implant & Oral Surgery

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    Absorbable Hemostatic Dressings Absorbable Hemostatic Dressings

    BENACEL Absorbable Hemostatic Dressings

    Item #: B01/B02-Hemostatic Dressing

    BENACEL® absorbable hemostatic dressing is a specially formulated gauze made of 100% oxidized regenerated cellulose and contains no harmful chemical additives. When applied to a cut or open wound, it stops bleeding almost instantly by forming...

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    Attachable Intraoral Wound Dressings Attachable Intraoral Wound Dressings

    ORA-AID Attachable Intraoral Wound Dressings

    Item #: ORA-AID

    ORA-AID is a new concept of attaching an intraoral patch to protect the affected area such as post extraction, implant surgery, orthodontics and ulcers. It is easy to use, just peel off and stick on the wound site!  When sutured on top of bone...

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    Dental Implant Drill Keys Dental Implant Drill Keys

    I-KEY Dental Implant Drill Keys

    Item #: D015-i-Key

    I-KEY Dental Implant Drill Keys I-KEY® is a set of drill keys that provides precise guidance for sequential drilling during dental implant placement. The keys are compatible with all brands of surgical guides with regular platforms (4.0mm sleeve...

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  • Drill Stopper Sets Drill Stopper Sets

    EZ STOPPER Drill Stopper Sets

    Item #: D017-EZ Stopper

      EZ STOPPER® (Universal Implant Drill Stopper Set) is a set of medical grade, fully autoclavable silicone tubings. The length of each silicone tubing is 6” long. Each tubing can be accurately measured and cut to the desired length in...

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    Filling & Removal (FR) Instrument for i-PLUG Filling & Removal (FR) Instrument for i-PLUG

    AD SURGICAL Filling & Removal (FR) Instrument for i-PLUG

    Item #: D030-017

    AD SURGICAL Filling and Removal (FR) Instrument is a patented double-sided stainless steel instrument with both a plugger end and a barbed retrieval end. It is specially designed to facilitate placement and removal of our i-PLUG or any other PTFE...

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    Implant Abutment PTFE Fillers Implant Abutment PTFE Fillers

    i-PLUG Implant Abutment PTFE Fillers

    Item #: D030

    i-PLUG® Implant Abutment PTFE Filler is a semi-soft, medical grade and packable filler material that can be used to seal an abutment hole. It can also be easily retrieved when needed. The one-size PTFE rod (Ø1.8mm x 50 mm) can be cut to...

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  • Implant Impression Trays Implant Impression Trays

    IMPLANT TRAY Implant Impression Trays

    Item #: D020-Impress Tray

    Break out panel with cotton plier Clear tray for easy implant location Extreme angulation - not a problem   IMPLANT TRAY™ is a specialty impression tray with an innovative patented design that features clear and easily removable...

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  • Oral Surgery Drape Packs Oral Surgery Drape Packs

    O-PAK Oral Surgery Drape Packs

    Item #: A200-3000 (O-Pak)

    O-PAK® (sterile oral surgery drape pack) helps maintain a clean and safe surgical environment to prevent postoperative infections or patient cross contamination. Ideal for dental implant surgery or other aseptic procedures. Simplify procedural setup...

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  • Oral Tissue Adhesives Oral Tissue Adhesives

    PERIACRYL Oral Tissue Adhesives

    Item #: GLU-PeriAcryl

    PeriAcryl® Oral Tissue Adhesives PERIACRYL® Oral Tissue Adhesive is a non-toxic and biocompatible cyanoacrylate tissue adhesive that is useful in securing sutures, stabilizing membranes, covering bone grafting material post-extraction, or...

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  • Pilot Surgical Drills (Ø 2.3 mm) Pilot Surgical Drills (Ø 2.3 mm)

    AD SURGICAL Pilot Surgical Drills (Ø 2.3 mm)

    Item #: D015-Pilot Drill

    Pilot Surgical Drills (for EZ STENT) Our Ø2.3mm Pilot Surgical Drills are perfect fit for EZ STENT® and can be used to replace the pilot drills of any dental implant system. They are precision made from high-quality, corrosion resistant...

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    Post-op Therapy  Gel Packs Post-op Therapy  Gel Packs

    AD SURGICAL Post-op Therapy Gel Packs

    Item #: Gelpack

    AD SURGICAL Hot/Cold Therapy Gel Packs are frequently used by cosmetic and plastic surgery patients to reduce swelling and bruising. They are also used by patients after oral surgeries including wisdom teeth extractions, reconstructive jaw surgery, and...

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  • Reusable Cold Gel Packs Reusable Cold Gel Packs

    AD SURGICAL Reusable Cold Gel Packs

    Item #: T430-Cold Gel Pack

    Following a surgical procedure or during the initial stage of an acute injury (within 24-48 hours), cold therapy can help to relieve pain and swelling. Our reusable cold gel packs help constrict blood vessels and decrease tissue temperature, resulting...

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    Soft Stretch Facial Wraps Soft Stretch Facial Wraps

    AD SURGICAL Soft Stretch Facial Wraps

    Item #: W800

    AD SURGICAL Post-Op Soft Stretch Facial Wraps by COOL JAW®  feature an exclusive, hand-free patented design. Wraps are made with a spandex fabric that is extremely soft on the patient’s skin. They feature a continuous outer sleeve that...

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  • Sterile Hose & Cable Covers Sterile Hose & Cable Covers

    EZ DRAPE Sterile Hose & Cable Covers

    Item #: A400-1000 (EZ Drape)

    EZ DRAPE® is an easy to use sterile hose cover. Simply insert the handpiece or other surgical instrument through the ring and pull the plastic sleeve down. The ring slides over long hoses or cables in seconds and can be secured with the color-coded...

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  • Thermoplastic Surgical Guides (for Pilot-Drilling) Thermoplastic Surgical Guides (for Pilot-Drilling)

    EZ STENT Thermoplastic Surgical Guides (for Pilot-Drilling)

    Item #: D015-EZ Stent

    EZ STENT® Thermoplastic Surgical Guides for Pilot-Drilling EZ STENT® Thermoplastic Surgical Guides for Pilot-Drilling is our original patented design that allows fabrication of an accurate surgical guide in minutes using hot water alone. The...

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