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Non-Resorbable Membranes

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    ePTFE Barrier Membranes ePTFE Barrier Membranes

    CYTOFLEX ePTFE Barrier Membranes

    Item #: C04-ePTFE

        CYTOFLEX TEF-GUARD® ePTFE Barrier Membrane is a non-resorbable membrane made of microporous ePTFE material. It is designed to resist the penetration of fibroblasts and bacteria, while simultaneously allowing the exchange of...
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    Titanium-Reinforced ePTFE Barrier Membranes Titanium-Reinforced ePTFE Barrier Membranes

    CYTOFLEX Titanium-Reinforced ePTFE Barrier Membranes

    Item #: C05-Ti-Reinforced ePTFE

        CYTOFLEX Ti-ENFORCED® Titanium-Reinforced ePTFE Barrier Membrane is a multi-layer, non-resorbable membrane intended to be surgically placed under the muco-periosteum to aid in tissue regeneration. It is a barrier material with a...
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    Titanium Mesh Membranes Titanium Mesh Membranes

    CYTOFLEX Titanium Mesh Membranes

    Item #: C02-Titanium Mesh

        CYTOFLEX® Titanium Mesh Membrane is made of a pure, implantable titanium mesh with precision profile. It is designed for use to ensure three-dimensional reconstruction of alveolar bone defects and to facilitate bone augmentation...
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