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Skin Closure

  • Topical Skin Adhesives Topical Skin Adhesives

    GLUSEAL Topical Skin Adhesives

    Item #: GLU-SEAL

    GLUSEAL® by Glustitch is a clear liquid adhesive bandage intended to cover cuts, scrapes, burns and minor irritations of the skin and help protect them from infection. It is an effective and atraumatic alternative to sutures in closing small...
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  • Sterile Disposable Skin Staplers Sterile Disposable Skin Staplers

    EASYTAP Sterile Disposable Skin Staplers

    Item #: SM-35W (Skin Stapler)

    EASYTAP™ Sterile Disposable Skin Stapler is a lever action skin stapler with a unique angled head that is designed to provide a clear view of your work from your normal vantage point. Ergonomic design and quality construction provides consistent...
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  • Suturing Practice Skin Pads Suturing Practice Skin Pads

    AD SURGICAL Suturing Practice Skin Pads

    Item #: T57-Suturing Practice Skin Pads

    AD SURGICAL Suturing Practice Skin Pads are made from a durable high-grade silicone material that can be sutured repeatedly for practice. Each ultra-realistic pad mimics closely the 3 main layers of the skin (skin/ fat/ muscle) in texture and appearance...
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  • PDO Cassette Sutures PDO Cassette Sutures

    UNIFY PDO Cassette Sutures

    Item #: VCD-PDO Cassette Sutures

    UNIFY® PDO Cassette Sutures are high-quality suture thread materials provided in a convenient and economical delivery system. All cassette sutures are intended for veterinary use only. Sterilized by EO Gas. High tensile strength Extended holding...
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