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    Ultra-thin Wall Nano Needles Ultra-thin Wall Nano Needles

    JBP Ultra-thin Wall Nano Needles

    Item #: N-UTW-Nano Needles

    Ultra-thin wall needles by JBP are designed to reduce patient discomfort, minimize hematomas and limited swelling. Using a patented process called Micron Sharpness, the nanoneedles allow injection of higher viscosity solutions through a smaller entry...
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  • Premium Hypodermic Needles Premium Hypodermic Needles

    SHARD Premium Hypodermic Needles

    Item #: N-TW-Hypodermic Needles

    SHARD® Premium+ Hypodermic Needles are designed for enhanced precision, efficiency and comfort. Featuring an ultra-sharp needle point with thin wall for enhanced patient comfort by allowing injection of higher viscosity solutions through a...
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  • Premium+ Surgical Blades Premium+ Surgical Blades

    SHARD Premium+ Surgical Blades

    Item #: A600-P10, P11, P12, P15, P15C

    SHARD® Premium+ Surgical Blades are available in the most popular blade shapes and are used throughout all surgical disciplines including cardiology, dermatology, oral surgery, orthopedics and reconstructive surgery.  Each box includes 100...
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    Microsurgical Blades Microsurgical Blades

    SHARD Microsurgical Blades

    Item #: A600-M61 - 91 (Microblades)

    SHARD® Microsurgical Blades are developed for minimally invasive procedures and microsurgery. These ultra-fine blades are suitable for use in many surgical disciplines. Made of high-grade carbon or stainless steel with an ultra-sharp cutting edge...
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    Sale: $15.60
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  • Microsurgical Blade Handles Microsurgical Blade Handles

    SHARD Microsurgical Blade Handles

    Item #: A600-Blade Handles

    SHARD® Microsurgical Blade Handles feature a 4.5” (115mm) overall body length and round handle with serrated thumbs for better control. Made of surgical-grade stainless steel that is fully autoclavable. We offer 2 versions of these handles...
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  • Disposable Surgical Scalpels Disposable Surgical Scalpels

    SHARD Disposable Surgical Scalpels

    Item #: A303-R (Disposable Scalpels)

    Our economical SHARD® Disposable Scalpels incorporate a razor-sharp stainless steel blade on an ergonomic plastic handle for good performance and control. Ideal for basic surgical or cosmetic procedures and delicate laboratory works. Each...
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  • Premium Disposable Surgical Scalpels Premium Disposable Surgical Scalpels

    SHARD Premium Disposable Surgical Scalpels

    Item #: A301 (Premium Scalpels)

    Our top quality SHARD®️ Premium+ Disposable Scalpels incorporate an ultra-sharp, durable stainless steel blade on an ergonomic plastic handle for excellent performance, precision and control. Ideal for more demanding surgical or cosmetic...
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    Disposable Biopsy Punch Disposable Biopsy Punch

    SHARD Disposable Biopsy Punch

    Item #: A750-BP (Biopsy Punch)

    SHARD™ Premium+ Disposable Biopsy Punch is ergonomically designed for routine dermal procedures. The razor-sharp seamless, stainless steel blade ensures safe, clean and easy sample extraction. Features a unique, easy-grip plastic handle with...
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    Sale: $22.50
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    Disposable Dermal Curettes Disposable Dermal Curettes

    SHARD Disposable Dermal Curettes

    Item #: A700-DC (Dermal Curettes)

    SHARD® Premium+ Disposable Dermal Curettes are used for scraping skin lesions and growths such as warts or melanoma. It is a single-ended instrument available with a round loop tip. The stainless steel loop tip is sharp on the inside and blunt...
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  • Suture Removal Scissors Suture Removal Scissors

    AD SURGICAL Suture Removal Scissors

    Item #: SCR-B115 (Suture Removal Scissors)

    AD SURGICAL MicroPoint Suture Removal Scissors feature curved, blunted tips that cut suture cleanly and closely without traumatizing surrounding tissue. 1/2" long spring steel blades flex for a consistent cut to the tip and a longer service life...
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    Ultra-Premium Surgical Scissors Ultra-Premium Surgical Scissors

    AD SURGICAL Ultra-Premium Surgical Scissors

    Item #: TMRHS-Surgical Scissors

    AD SURGICAL Ultra-Premium Surgical Scissors are made of Sonic SteelTM by Laschal, a proprietary material that allows the crossing of scissors blades by over 300% compared to that of a conventional scissors. This results in a consistently cleaner cut...
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