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Implant Abutment PTFE Filler & Instrument

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    Filling & Removal (FR) Instrument for i-PLUG Filling & Removal (FR) Instrument for i-PLUG

    AD SURGICAL Filling & Removal (FR) Instrument for i-PLUG

    Item #: D030-017

    AD SURGICAL Filling and Removal (FR) Instrument is a patented double-sided stainless steel instrument with both a plugger end and a barbed retrieval end. It is specially designed to facilitate placement and removal of our i-PLUG or any other PTFE...

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    Implant Abutment PTFE Fillers Implant Abutment PTFE Fillers

    i-PLUG Implant Abutment PTFE Fillers

    Item #: D030

    i-PLUG® Implant Abutment PTFE Filler is a semi-soft, medical grade and packable filler material that can be used to seal an abutment hole. It can also be easily retrieved when needed. The one-size PTFE rod (Ø1.8mm x 50 mm) can be cut to...

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