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Bone Grafting Materials

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    Processed Human Allograft Tissue Processed Human Allograft Tissue

    REVOSS Processed Human Allograft Tissue

    Item #: RB5/RP2 (Human Allograft)

    REVOSSTM is a sterile processed human allograft tissue ideally suited for optimal results in a variety of surgical applications. All tissue was recovered, processed, stored and distributed for use in accordance with the standards of the American...
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    Resorbable Collagen Plugs Resorbable Collagen Plugs

    HEALIAID Resorbable Collagen Plugs

    Item #: SA-Collagen

    HEALIAID Resorbable Collagen Plugs are designed to deliver dependable wound dressing at extraction and biopsy sites. Shaped for ease of use and compressible to suit open wounds, these resorbable dressings are inexpensive and easy to work with. When used...
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    Bioactive Bone Graft Bioactive Bone Graft

    UNIGRAFT Bioactive Bone Graft

    Item #: U03-UNIGRAFT

    UNIGRAFT® is made of synthetic bioactive glass material. The product is conveniently packaged in a sterile vial and stored within a hermetically sealed foil pouch to ensure product sterility prior to implantation. UNIGRAFT® offers an...
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    Sale: $163.80
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    Resorbable Bone Substitutes Resorbable Bone Substitutes

    BICERA Resorbable Bone Substitutes

    Item #: BC-Bone Substitute

    BICERA Resorbable Bone Substitutes BICERA® Resorbable Bone Substitute is a bioceramic material that is composed of 60% hydroxyapatite (HAP) and 40% beta-tricalcium (ß-TCP). It  is intended to be packed into bony voids or gaps of the...
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