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ORA-AID Attachable Intraoral Wound Dressings


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ORA-AID is an attachable intraoral patch that can be used to protect a wound after extraction, gingival grafting and implant surgery. It is easy to use, just peel off and stick on the wound site! 

ORA-AID is composed of 2 layers: an oral mucosa adhesive side and a protection side. When exposed to moisture, the water-soluble adhesive side changes into a gel state to achieve adhesion to the wound area. The protection side consists of a non-resorbable polymer which covers the wound to protect it from the environment in the oral cavity.

When sutured on top of bone grafting materials for socket preservation, ORA-AID provides an ultimate coverage until soft tissue closes and healing begins. Helps improve the predictability and success rate of intraoral surgery by good sealing and extra protection.

  • Protects intraoral wounds from food, bacteria, and cigarette smoke
  • Seals bone grafting materials and membranes
  • Strong adhesive using hydrophilic polymer
  • Stay attached on wound for 1-2 days without suturing 
  • Can be sutured in place for extended protection 
  • Easy to cut and shape
  • Protects suture threads from tongue irritation
  • Made of a non-resorbable, edible polymer that is safe to be swallowed


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Attachable Intraoral Wound Dressings
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TBM Corporation
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