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EZ STENT Thermoplastic Surgical Guides (for Pilot-Drilling)


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D015-EZ Stent
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Formerly distributed by Straumann as Thermoplastic Drill Template.

EZ STENT® Thermoplastic Surgical Guides for Pilot-Drilling

EZ STENT® Thermoplastic Surgical Guides for Pilot-Drilling is our original patented design that allows fabrication of an accurate surgical guide in minutes using hot water alone. The template has a titanium drill sleeve with inner diameter 2.3mm that is compatible with the pilot drill of most dental implant systems. The titanium sleeve can also be used as a radiographic marker on CT scan prior to surgery. Available in 3 versions (Single Tooth Set, Free-end Set & 2-Unit bridge Set) to accommodate most clinical needs. EZ STENT® should be cold sterilized in an appropriate disinfectant before usage and is for single use only.

2-Unit Bridge Set NEW!

EZ Stent® 2-Unit Bridge Set allows the surgeon to accurately locate and drill the holes of two consecutive implants with optimal spacing, angulation and parallelism. Titanium drill sleeves with inner diameter 2.3mm are compatible with the pilot drill of most dental implant systems.

  • Contents:
  • 4 Thermoplastic templates ( titanium/ polymer ): 2 Tooth-Bound and 2 Free End Templates Sleeve height 6mm, sleeve inner Ø2.3mm
  • 8 Guide pins ( stainless steel ), Length 10mm, Ø2.3mm
  • 1 Drill for dental laboratory ( steel ), Ø2.3mm

  • Item #: D015-008-2U

Single Tooth Set

EZ Stent® Single Tooth Set allows accurate preparation of an osseous site in a tooth-bound region. Titanium drill sleeve with inner Ø2.3mm is compatible with the pilot drill of most dental implant systems. Each set contains 5 thermoplastic surgical templates with all laboratory accessories included.

  • Contents:
  • 5 Thermoplastic templates ( titanium/ polymer ) -sleeve height 10mm, sleeve inner Ø 2.3mm
  • 5 Guide pins ( stainless steel ), Length 10mm, Ø2.3mm
  • 1 Drill for dental laboratory ( steel ), Ø2.3mm

  • Item #: D015-003-P

Free-End Set

EZ Stent® Free End Set allows accurate preparation of an osseous site in the most distal region. Titanium drill sleeve with inner Ø2.3mm is compatible with the pilot drill of most dental implant systems. Each set contains 5 thermoplastic surgical templates with all laboratory accessories included.

  • Contents:
  • 5 Thermoplastic templates ( titanium/ polymer ) -sleeve height 10mm, sleeve inner Ø 2.3mm
  • 5 Guide pins ( stainless steel ), Length 20mm, Ø2.3mm
  • 1 Drill for dental laboratory ( steel ), Ø2.3mm

  • Item #: D015-004-P
Here's what your colleagues have to say about the EZ Stent...

"Easy to use. Very satisfied with the EZ Stent."
Manojkumar Amin, DDS
General Dentist, Los Angeles, CA

"The process of making the surgical guide was very well laid out in the instructions and easy to do. It was accurate and provided exactly what I needed to place the implant exactly where I wanted in far less time."
Nathaniel Behrents, DDS, MS
Endodontist, Fayetteville, AR

"I have used this on several occasions and have found it a valuable adjunct to my stent regimen. It is simple to use and works well in given circumstances. Recommend anyone placing implants to consider it as part of your armamentarium."
Gary Bauman, DDS, MS
General Dentist, Lutherville, MD

"EZ Stent is a great gift to surgeons."
Frank Chung, DDS
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon, Castro Valley, CA

"I have been using them for many years for implant placing. Every case I do is either CT guided with CT generated guides or with EZ Stent. Most implant cases are with the EZ Stent."
John Domanico, DDS
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon, Chicago, IL

"Easy to use, intuitive, effective."
John Fisher, DDS
General Dentist, Pullman, WA

"Easy to work with and not messy. Very quick and reliable."
James P Fletcher, DDS
Periodontist, Fresno, CA

"Very easy to use. All items supplied including drill bit for model. More predictable than free handed. I purchased an inexpensive drill press from Harbor Freight and leave it at office in my lab near a computer monitor to view CBCT. You can take a pre-op PA with guide to get working length of drill."
Barry Goodspeed, DDS
General Dentist, Homewood, AL

"Simple, easy, inexpensive, saves tons on lab bills."
Greg Herkert, DDS
General Dentist, Toledo, OR

"Easy time saving innovation. Very satisfied with the EZ stent."
Mark E. Jensen, DMD
General Dentist, Frederick, MD

"Great product for simple 1 tooth cases. Very satisfied with EZ Stent."
Igor Kaplansky, DDS
General Dentist, Gasport, NY

"Very easy to use, accurate and doesn't deform easily."
Michael Kramer, DDS, DMSc
Periodontist, Sudbury, MA

"The EZ Stent has become an integral part of my everyday dental implant treatment planning. It is so simple to use that I have integrated EZ Stent into our continuing education efforts with our referring doctors. Anyone can use it and benefit from the added security and communication with their surgical colleagues. Thanks, guys, for a phenomenal product."
Eduardo R. Lorenzana, DDS, MS
Periodontist, San Antonio, TX

"The EZ-Stent has made the introduction of crown-down planning for implant surgery easily attainable by all clinicians. A reduction in time, cost and materials is win-win-win for all who use it."
Will Martin, DDS, MS
Prosthodontist, Gainesville, FL

"An ingenious Idea!"
Gerald Meredith, DDS, MS
Periodontist, Honolulu, HI

"I like that the sleeve tubes work well with my 2.2 mm drills. Easy to customize, for example, for creating guides for 2 implants."
Roy Mintzer, DDS
Periodontist, Santa Barbara, CA

"EZ Stent is very simple to use and provides a predictable initial osteotomy with a 2.0mm drill when a lab fabricated surgical stent is not indicated. It is a cost effective and clinically effective way to pre-plan a case without the expense and hassle of a traditional surgical guide."
Steven O'Neal, DDS
General Dentist, Tyler, TX

"Good product,
we use it with 3D Scan."

Alex Osinovsky, DDS
Oral Implantologist, Vienna, VA

"Having a CBCT scan in the office and use of this guide makes implant placement very predictable and quick!"
John Pawluk, DDS
Endodontist, Oakbrook Terrace, IL

"Very easy to use and a great alternative to lab made guides. I love being able to control implant positioning on the model, and not the lab."
Michael Pesin, DDS
General Dentist, Frederick, MD

"Great and easy stent to use!"
F. Platt, DDS
General Dentist, Tyler, TX

" Simple, easy, and accurate."
Terry Pannkuk, DDS, MScD
Endodontist, Santa Barbara, CA

"Very convenient to fabricate the surgical guide to determine ideal angulation and positioning of implant angulation."
Savithri P. Ravindran, DDA
General Dentist, Arcadia, CA

"Combined with CBCT imaging gives me complete confidence in proper placement of implants. Takes only a few minutes to fabricate."
Robert Rybicki, DDS
Endodontist, Novi, MI

"EZ Stent is easy to use!"
Jeremy Shulman, DDS, MS
Periodontist, Virginia Beach, VA

"Very simple to use, affordable and effective"
Erick Solls, DDS
General Practitioner, Castaic, CA

"Has patient wears that for scanning then use that for planning and it works great."
Jeremy Shulman, DDS, MS
General Dentist, Burlington, MA

"Excellent product. Love it."
John J. Waite, DDS
General Dentist, Colorado Springs, CO

"The EZ Stent is a simple and inexpensive surgical guide that my lab assistant can make in a few minutes."
Randall Warkentin, DMD
General Dentist, Manitoba, Canada

"So much easier than what I was using previously to make a surgical guide in the office. Plus, no need to wait for lab time."
David J. Wright, DDS
General Dentist, Fresno, CA

1. Is EZ Stent compatible with all dental implant systems ?
EZ Stent is designed to provide point of entry, depth and angulation control for all implant systems. The titanium drill sleeve of EZ Stent (inner Ø 2.3mm) is compatible with the pilot drill of most dental implant systems. We also offer a high-quality Ø2.3mm surgical drill that can be used to substitute the pilot drill of any other brand. Our pilot surgical drills are sold separately.

2. Can I use EZ Stent with Cone Beam CT ?
The titanium drill sleeve of EZ Stent (L10.0mm or 6.0mm) can be used as a radiographic marker on Cone Beam CT to verify that the positioning and angulation of the template are appropriate prior to surgery. Unlike stainless steel, our titanium sleeve has no radiation scattering in the scan, so you get a precise image. (See Clinical Case #1).

3. Can EZ Stent be adjusted on the study model after CT scan verification?
If necessary, EZ Stent can be easily adjusted after X-ray or CT scan evaluation. Simply re-drill the hole in the same study model and secure the guide pin in a different angulation. Then soften the same stent again in hot water and mold it over the re-angled pin. The thermoplastic base of EZ Stent can be re-heated 2-3 times for minor adjustment on the model without deterioration.

4. How do you determine the drill depth with EZ Stent ?
The drill depth can be determined by measuring the distance from the top of the titanium sleeve to the intended base of the implant fixture on the pre-operative CT scan. (see sample image here)

5. Does EZ Stent provide drill depth control during surgery?
EZ Stent does provide precise drill depth control with our new silicone stoppers. Simply trim a silicone stopper to the appropriate length based on scan measurement, and insert it over the pilot drill. IMPORTANT: Make sure the stopper is seated all the way onto the handpiece head to prevent push-back during surgery.(see instruction of the drill stopper here)

6. Can EZ Stent be used for multiple implant placements ?
The EZ Stent Multiple Teeth Set can be used to fabricate a surgical guide for accurate multiple implant placements. (See Instructional Video here).

7. Can the EZ Stent be re-used ?
EZ Stent is intended for ONE TIME USE only. EZ Stent cannot be autoclaved, so re-using it can introduce cross-contamination between patients.

8. What if patient's jaw opening is limited, or the surgical site is towards the back of the mouth where access is difficult ?
The shorter titanium drill sleeve (L 6.0mm) of the Multiple Teeth Set is designed to accommodate patient with limited intra-oral access.

Alternatively, the surgeon can insert the surgical drill halfway into the metal sleeves before transferring the whole assembly into the mouth, so that the patient does not need to open as wide during EZ Stent insertion and usage.

9. Is the EZ Stent eligible for insurance reimbursement ?
EZ Stent could be eligible for dental insurance reimbursement under Procedure Code D6190 (radiographic/ surgical implant index).

10. How do I locate the drill hole in the model ?
We recommend securing the model on a survey table, then prepare the drill hole in the model using a drill press (available from any hardware store). Free-handed drilling using a straight nose cone handpiece can also be done.

11. Do I need to block out the undercuts on the model ?
Due to a slight flexibility of the thermoplastic base material, usually we do not need to block out the undercuts on the model. Simply apply a thin coating of Vaseline on the model prior to molding the stent.

12. How hot should the water be ?
In general, the hotter the water, the faster the stent will turn soft and clear. Using boiling water is ideal. Hotter water will not overheat the thermoplastic base. Tips: Use a hemostat to hold the metal sleeve and immerse the stent upside down in hot water. Always use a glass container because the thermoplastic material will stick to the plastic container when it is softened.

13. How do I sterilize the stent ?
We recommend using a cold disinfectant to soak the stent overnight prior to surgery. The stent CANNOT be autoclaved.

14. What is the shelf life for the EZ Stent ?
If stored in a cool dry place the EZ Stent has a 3 year shelf life.

6 Reviews

  • 5
    Easy to use

    Easy to use

    Alex B.

  • 5
    it works well ,

    it works well ,

    Gary E.

  • 5
    Love ‘em! Super easy to

    Love ‘em! Super easy to form, makes pilot drill location a breeze. And the ability to make it parallel and angled correctly, saves time and don’t have to redrill.

    Michael W.

  • 5
    The EZ stint is awesome.

    The EZ stint is awesome. It's easy and quick to fabricate and aids in proper implant orientation. A must have.

    William C.

  • 5
    Super easy

    I use this to plan and execute implant surgeries. Makes things incredibly easy!

    John A.

  • 5
    implant template

    used to buy these from straumann - no longer selling them - was the same kit - i'm fully satisfied - speed of delivery was fine. thanx

    Michael R.

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