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WOUND FREE Silicone Foam Dressings


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FMD-Silicone Foam Dressing
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WOUND FREE™ Silicone Foam Dressings combine the superior absorption of foam and the gentle adhesion of silicone. The soft and flexible foam absorbs large amount of exudates. The silicone adhesive border provides gentle and safe fixation, allowing the dressing to be atraumatically removed when necessary. Suitable for mild to moderately exudating wounds. Each dressing is individually wrapped and sterilized by EO Gas. Latex free.

  • Unique 5-layer design promotes moist healing conditions for wounds
  • Breathable, waterproof and bacteria resistant
  • Excellent absorption and retention helps reduce the risk of skin maceration
  • Self-adhesive conforms to body contour for reliable fixation
  • Silicone border minimizes pain and trauma during dressing change for enhanced patient comfort
  • Can be repeatedly applied, convenient for doctors to observe wound condition


Product Name:
Silicone Foam Dressings
Item #:
FMD-Silicone Foam Dressing
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5 Reviews

  • 5
    AD Surgical is reasonable, reliable

    AD Surgical is reasonable, reliable and on time!

    James K.

  • 5
    These have been a tremendous

    These have been a tremendous help. My wife has a CVC requiring a daily bandage change. Tape and gauze are great but the repetitive on and off was realty causing a lot of pain and sensitivity. I think these provide a superior barrier to infection and are m

    Norman W.

  • 5
    These work very well when

    These work very well when it comes to thin sensitive easily abraded skin. Regular, non silicone adhesive bandages will take the skin of my lower legs right off. These do not. I highly recommend them if you have sensitive skin or problems with regular ad

    Judy C.

  • 4
    Product is very good but

    Product is very good but the price isn't. Not happy about having to pay that much for shipping either. Can that be changed in the future? I don't need this product in 2 days when I order it. Thnx

    Irene M.

  • 5
    I purchased this product after

    I purchased this product after CVS Mileplex lite failed to stay more than and hour or two. I used a swath of 6'tape as an extra layer of adherence. Your product is superb and I truly appreciate the 50% first time ordering discount as wound dressing produc

    Michelle L.

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